About Showboard Lessons Online


Meet Your Pro Snowboard Coach!

Hi! I’m Blake Clark, an AASI Level 3 certified snowboard instructor, & head developer of Flowing Freeride Pro Snowboard Training. Earlier in my career, I enjoyed being a sponsored competitor in the USASA snowboard circuit. Later I dedicated my time to teaching and trained hard to pass AASI exams to earn a full level 3 snowboard certification, which is highest level an instructor can receive, kind of like a masters degree in snowboard instructing.

Now, after 16 years of teaching all ages and levels, I’ve learned my clients excel when we film their sessions. I also know most self-taught riders actively watch online clips to learn. That’s why I believe there is a real need for professional snowboard series online that teaches proper techniques. As, I have a film degree, I’m excited anytime I get to put my two passions together. Welcome to Flowing Freeride, I look forward to being your snowboard coach!

Where Is Flowing Freeride?

Flowing Freeride is a new online snowboard training company based in Utah. Our series was shot primarily in & around Park City & other resorts in the massive Rocky Mountain range Park City,

Utah is known for world-class snow and recreational resorts… Oh yeah, (yawn!) and a little film festival called “Sundance.” In general, Utah is undeniably one of the snow-sports capitals of the world, boasting a state slogan of “The Best Snow On Earth”, and attracting recreational enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Salt Lake City also hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Game Events. Of course, we enjoy traveling, and some of our lessons were shot in other snowboard favorites—like Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Basically, we’re passionate about chasing the winter, going where the pow is fresh, and the slopes steep. We just want you to enjoy the ride with us!


We offer two effective ways to train you online: 3 course levels + video analysis of your footage!


As professional snowboard instructors we know that thousands of riders search online and turn to YouTube to learn snowboarding tips and tricks…often from self-taught riders. Unfortunately, we’ve seen how this can lead to hucking tricks you aren’t prepared to do and getting seriously injured! Snowboardclass.com provides online courses from Flowing Freeride. We provide you a professional option to learn PROGRESSIVE proper technique from a fully certified AASI Level 3 snowboard instructor. Our custom Outdoor-Core™ training standard provides 3 full levels covering EVERY aspect of snowboard training you need to to be optimal at your practice—from skills and drills, to gear, terrain, safety and weather! In addition to our snowboard video courses you can get one-on-one personal review by simply submitting clips of your practice! Because we follow AASI certified training methods our lessons are a great companion to resort lessons or as an affordable option for those unable to pay hundreds per day and are searching online for video training.