How To Snowboard Moguls & Bumps


How To Snowboard Moguls & Bumps

Learn how to snowboard better by developing your skills to snowboard moguls. Moguls are formed by people turning in the same place and pushing the snow into mounds or bumps. The terrain is steeper intermediate to expert (Intermediate:Blue trails in America/Red trails in Europe & Expert: Black Trails for America & Europe) and that means you need to turn more to regulate your speed. The good thing is that there’s a pattern and if you can develop Flow & Rhythm you’ll improve your riding and rip through the bumps. This online snowboard lesson will go over How To Snowboard Moguls. You’ll have access to all our snowboard tutorials when you signup that cover every step and feedback from your coach. We also have some free snowboard videos to prepare for steeper bumpy terrain on our YouTube Page. I recommend watching and mastering these L1 RAW snowboard videos before riding Steeper Off Piste Terrain; Beginner Snowboard Lesson on Steering, Toeside Heelside Stance, How to Snowboard: Balance Twist & Beginner Snowboard Stance & these L2 L3 snowboard videos Active Passive Absorption, Better Rhythm & Off Piste. Learn to snowboard online with and take a look at Our Blog for more free content and learn to snowboard right.

Find a flat area so that you will stand still. Strap both feet into your bindings and start lifting your front leg off the snow. It’s like you’re making a wheelie on a bike. Now lift your back leg off the snow. Your moving fore and aft on your board. Notice your core or center of mass is moving fore and aft. When I lift up my front foot my core shifts back and I’m putting a lot of my weight on my back leg and the opposite occurs when I lift up my back leg. It’s not just lifting my leg up I’m shifting my center of mass fore and aft along my snowboard. When students tell me they want to ride steeper terrain and to get off piste, before seeing them ride I know that they probably DON’T move fore and aft on their snowboard. I have a lot of drills to get people to move fore/aft in our Full Course but try these movements stationary. Once you feel comfortable doing that standing still start snowboarding and try lifting your nose and tail off the snow. When you master that find a trail that has moguls on one side and groomed on the other that way you can practice the bumps and go on the groomer if you’re not getting it.

We’ll progress through the moguls. We don’t start making tight zipper line turns at first. We traverse across the bumps going over 4 or 5 lifting our legs up and down one leg at a time. As I come up to the mogul I lean back unweighting my front foot and lift up then as I’m going over it I lean forward unweighting my back foot and lift up my back foot. You’re moving fore and aft on your snowboard. Do this on both heelside and toeside edges. I want to turn on the top third or bottom third of the bump. Don’t turn in the trench because it’s harder icy snow and our snowboards are much wider than skies. As you progress go over 2 or 3 bumps and then 1 or 2 until you’re able to go right down the fall line.

If you’re not riding bumps well practice these movements and drills a lot until you get the muscle memory down. Terrain is a big part of practicing because moguls can vary in size and now steep the slope is are factors to difficulty. Having personal coaching really helps. You can signup to get access to all of our snowboard lessons, study guides, text books, glossary, tests and direct feedback from your coach. Learn to snowboard online with and take a look at our YouTube Page for more free content and learn to snowboard right.




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