Learn How To Snowboard & Get Up!


Learn How To Snowboard & Get Up!

Learn how to snowboard with this beginner drill to get up after a fall. This online snowboard lesson will go over proper technique for Getting Up after a fall. It really helps beginner snowboarders develop skills before going up the lift. Learn to snowboard online with flowingfreeride.com and take a look at our YouTube Page for more free content and learn to snowboard right.

Let’s face it when you snowboard you will fall and need to get up. If you fall on flatter terrain it’s hard to get up on your heelside edge. You’ll want to get your snowboard perpendicular to the fall line. Roll over to your stomach by lifting one leg up and rotate your hips. Put your hands in the snow and slowly walk them closer to your board. Push up in one motion and stand up. Be careful to not over correct and put weight on your heels. People get scared in this position called your toeside edge. A lot of times they keep their hands in the snow and don’t stand up. This keeps your center of mass over your heels. You’ll need to stand up and extend your hips over your toes. We have other tutorials to practice this movement: Toeside & Heelside or Beginner Stance if you have problems getting up.

Heelside is more difficult to get up but isn’t to bad in steeper terrain. If you’re flexible you can get up off your heels by pushing behind you with one of your hands. If this isn’t working try grabbing your board in between your feet or the center of your board. Push with one hand behind you and the other grabbing your board. You’ll need to let go of your snowboard before smashing your fingers as your edge angle decreases. It takes a lot of energy to get up so be sure to practice proper technique in previous snowboard tutorials. If you don’t like getting up on your heels roll over to your toeside.

You can practice getting up before even getting on the snow so you maximize your time on snow.  Strap on your snowboard and try getting up on surfaces like carpet or grass. Hard floors don’t have much friction and can cause injury. A lot of the times you’ll have to unlearn inefficient body movements and that can take a lot of time. Start snowboarding right at the beginning and you’ll excel quickly. Avoid injuries by using flowingfreerdie.com & snowboardclass.com snowboard video tutorials.



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