Learn to Snowboard Chutes and Couloirs


Learn to Snowboard Chutes and Couloirs

Once you get to be an advanced snowboarder L3 Ripper you’ll be riding the whole mountain with every type of terrain. Riding steep terrain can be super stoke especially when you’re using efficient movements and alignments. This online snowboard lesson will go over Steep Chute Snowboarding. A chute or couloir is a narrow corridor created by obstacles such as rocks or trees. We have some videos to prepare for steeps on our YouTube Page. You’ll have access to all our snowboard tutorials when you signup that cover every step. I recommend watching and mastering these L3 Ripper snowboard videos before riding Chutes; Building Rhythm, Upper/Lower Body Separation, Snowboard Dynamic Flex & Extend, Snowboarding Steeps & Alignments & Self Arrest Stops. Learn to snowboard online with flowingfreeride.com and take a look at our YouTube Page for more free content and learn to snowboard right.

You need to be very comfortable making very quick turns while keeping your board on the ground. It you have to jump turn you loose your friction or your brakes which is your edge. In steep terrain you gain speed fast so keep your board on the snow using more rotation movements and really twist your snowboard so much that your front foot is on the opposite edge of your back foot when transitioning edges. It’s also recommended being comfortable going straight and fast because some chutes are so narrow you might not be able to turn. We build up to these movements step by step. If your body isn’t perpendicular to the slope you’re leaning back. Your board, knees, hips & shoulders should be parallel to the slope. If you’re not comfortable riding steep terrain go back and practice these body movements and skills.

Go out and find steep terrain with a natural line such as trees or use the rope on the side. Draw a line in the snow that is about 5-10 feet wide. This creates a perfect chute simulation. I like to create a really narrow portion by drawing the line to be only 2-3 feet wide for a small portion of where I’m doing my chute drill. Steep Chute Snowboarding has examples and animations showing this drill. The goal is to be making all your turns within this corridor and keeping your board on the ground while turning, no jump turns. After you feel comfortable doing this go out and find real chutes/couloirs on the mountain. Remember a chute can be created by many things like rocks or trees but sometimes are formed by snow just being pushed around. This drill can help you get out of tight situations. I’ve been snowboarding before where the only way down is a chute so having this skill in your tool belt can save your snowboard from damage or prevent injury to yourself.

Experiment with your riding style and technique and you’ll be riding chutes like a pro. This video focused on riding steep narrow terrain and making quick turns. Remember the basics steer with your front foot and the back foot follows. You’ll want to be very dynamic in your riding and if you’re not watch Snowboard Dynamic Flex & Extend and get this movement dialed in. You can signup to get access to all of our snowboard lessons, study guides, text books, glossary, tests and direct feedback from your coach. Start snowboarding right at the beginning and you’ll excel quickly. Avoid injuries by using flowingfreerdie.com & snowboardclass.com snowboard video tutorials.



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