Snowboard Binding Angles


Snowboard Binding Angles

Set your bindings angles up with your front foot more angled than your back foot. This online snowboard lesson will go over Snowboard Binding Angles. Once you’ve been snowboarding a few times you should know what binding angles you like. As a beginner you start out even with a 6º -6º or 9º -9º and stance in centered; your nose is same length as your tail. We talk about your beginner stance in an earlier video Beginner Stance. As an intermediate snowboarder you start to change your stance by moving the bindings and the angles. Learn to snowboard online with and take a look at our YouTube Page for more free content and learn to snowboard right.

As you gain more experience you’ll start to play with your binding angles. You will generally want to have a more aggressive angle for your front foot. Angles are set up in increments of 3º so 3,6,9,12,15 or -3,-6,-9,-12,-15 etc., You can set your angles up to be both positive which is more like an alpine stance. Your angles maybe 30º 15º which allows for faster turning. Alpine board setups are usually around 70º 67º and it looks like a slalom water skier. This can limit your flex and extension and makes it harder to absorb landings or bumping terrain. When I’m on my alpine board I like blue groomed terrain. Most riders are on All Mountain/Freeride or Freestyle snowboards and ride with a positive angle in the front and negative angle in the back. You need to keep in mind that the total between the two angles not be more than 30º’s. For example if my front foot is at 15º the most I would allow the back foot is -15º and the total is 30º. Another example is 24º in the front and -6º in the back. So if my front foot is at 21º what is the most my back angle should be?

You may have to lift up the padding on the binding to get to your base plate. From here you can see the lines and numbers in increments of 3. There will be an arrow or line showing what angle your bindings are at. You can always play with your binding angles. There isn’t just one standard on your binding angles. If you like speed, carving and to stay on groomed terrain than your angles may be more aggressive and both positive like 33º 15º. If you’re a freestyle rider you feet will be centered and binding angles maybe mirrored in front and back like 15º -15º. This is so you can ride fakie or switch and have exact stance no matter if you’re right foot is forward or your back. An All Mountain stance is usually set back a little bit. Your nose is longer than your tail. Your binding angles are usually more aggressive in the front and back foot is at negative like 18º -12º. You can ride fakie but it’s set to go in one direction better than the other.

Experiment with your stance and binding angles. This video focused on binding angles but there is more to your stance than just angles. Your sidecut comes into factor as well but let’s focus on getting your angles set and go from there. We talk about that in other snowboard videos. Take a look at Freestyle Snowboards & Freeride Snowboards to see and understand the differences. You can signup to get access to all of our snowboard lessons, study guides, text books, glossary, tests and direct feedback from your coach. Start snowboarding right at the beginning and you’ll excel quickly. Avoid injuries by using & snowboard video tutorials.



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